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JANUARY WED 17th. 7.30pm £6/£5 conc. We open our festival by featuring WOODY GUTHRIE. One of the greatest influences on generations of songwriters, the maestro of political and protest songwriting.
Thirty two of Woody's most memorable songs presented with a visual extravaganza. A narrative links the songs and puts them into a context, illustrated by a projected backdrop of contemporary photographs and pictures. First staged in Glasgow in 1992, it toured Scotland , culminating at the Edinburgh Festival. The renowned Glasgow group, Cahouts, will join members of the original show.
JANUARY THURS 18th  7.30pm. FREE   SONGWRITING COMPETITION - HEAT ONE.   In this first heat we bring you the mighty songwriters from Lanarkshire. This incredibly talented group has produced some very powerful and creative works including the stunning 14 GALLANT MEN. Standby for some brilliant creative work.    
JANUARY FRI 19th 7.30pm £7/£6 conc.  This HEADLINE CONCERT features the renowned ATTILA THE STOCKBROKER along with the powerful lyricist DAVE ROVICS.   Attila is a self confessed punk poet and Dave an American songwriter whose songs have a strong socialist feel. To open the night we have MARTIN COFFIELD, a local making a huge impression with his own, hard hitting lyrics.
JANUARY SAT 20th 12 - 1.30pm  £4 Our first SONGWRITING WORKSHOP.   Interested in songwriting? Come and take advantage of a unique opportunity. ALISTAIR HULETT will join DAVE ROVICS and ATTILA on stage to perform and discuss the concept, construction and creation of songs from their own repertoires.
JANUARY SAT 20th 2pm - 4pm. FREE   Our first OPEN STAGE. Everyone welcome, come along and take the opportunity to sing or play for us or just enjoy listening to the show. Anything goes, do your own songs or any song that takes your fancy, the stage is all yours. Subject to availability.
JANUARY SAT 20th 7.30pm £7 & £6 conc THE MAGIC SONGBOOK SHOW Our Festival aim is to promote and celebrate great songwriting so we are delighted to feature a candidate for being Scotland 's finest contemporary writer - MATT McGINN. We bring you the first of three different shows over the Festival, dedicated to this lyrical legend. This first one, THE MAGIC SONGBOOK SHOW received rave reviews when premiered at the East Kilbride Theatre in November 2006.
JANUARY SUN 21st 2pm – 4pm. FREE   Our second OPEN STAGE. Everyone welcome, come along and take the opportunity to sing or play for us or just enjoy hearing others. Anything goes, do your own songs or whatever takes your fancy, the stage is all yours. Subject to availability.
JANUARY SUN 21st 7.30pm £7/£6 conc. GLASGOW PREMIERE   WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? Pete Seeger & The Music Of The People! ALISTAIR HULETT and JIMMY ROSS pay tribute to the folk legend with a show that has recently thrilled capacity crowds in venues around England and now we proudly present this tribute show here in Glasgow for the very first time.   Hailed by everyone from Woody Guthrie to Steve Earle as 'the granddaddy of all protest music', Seeger's career presents a panorama of american struggle, from dust bowl ballads of the 1940s to contemporary anti-war anthems.    Well-known Glaswegian folksingers Jimmy Ross and Alistair Hulett honour this musical legend in the full context of his times and influence. this is a celebration of an artist whose inspiration has spanned three generations.
JANUARY MON 22nd 7.30pm  £ 6/£5 conc. A GLASGOW PREMIERE LINEAGE presents: - The Warrior Ancestors Of David Livingstone. Dr . DAVID LIVINGSTONE I PRESUME? Lineage is a new show charting the warrior ancestry of the great explorer. The Story tells some incredible tales of daring with new songs. Come along and learn something about your ancestry. Scottish historian DUNCAN BROWN will do the narration, DAVE GIBB and JIM MCKENNA will add 13 new songs and a couple of old gems. The show charts the part the Livingstones' played in shaping the history of Scotland from 1600 to the middle of the 1800's. The show will be illustrated by slides and authentic warrior dress. You may find yoursel looking at your own forbears, who knows? You may even have had one of your ancestors fighting alongside these mighty men. NOT TO BE MISSED.
JANUARY TUES 23rd 7.30pm. FREE SONGWRITING COMPETITION HEAT 2. In this heat we bring you a very strong group, The Edinburgh Songwriters. From this highly talented lot came last year's winner at the Festival Fringe, can they repeat that success???
JANUARY WED 24th 7.30pm £6/£5 conc. A GLASGOW PREMIERE GRASSMARKET BUTCHERS, Covenanter Stories. A stunning and dramatic show from the LANARKSHIRE SONGWRITERS GROUP. Based on a bloody period of Scottish History, the times of the COVENANTERS. This fascinating and enlightening story is enhanced by a slide show and finely crafted songs.   From a turbulent time of political and religious conflict, these songs endeavour to capture a flavour of the sacrifices made in the quest for religious freedom. This event recalls the killing times and Lanarkshire's association with the Covenanters where many of Lanarkshire's sons and daughters were killed during the persecution in a struggle that affected all classes.   Songwriters from across Lanarkshire collaborated in writing songs of the Covenanters exploits and events in telling the story of this dark era in Scotland's history. Last year a collection of these songs were written, performed and recorded as part of a New Makars Trust Project to preserve these stories in songs. Songwriters Tom Clelland, Robin Laing, David Gibb, Alison Rodgers, John Malcom, Frank Rae and Billy Stewart are among those who contributed to this project.
JANUARY THURS 25th 7.30pm. FREE SONGWRITING COMPETITION HEAT 3. Glasgow's turn to impress. This diverse group of songwriters, often found at the Blackfriars songwriting Club, will try to impress the judges with their own songs. Can they wrest the title from Edinburgh?
JANUARY FRI 26th 7.30pm. £7/£6 conc. ALLAN TAYLOR & TAM WHITE. HEADLINE CONCERT with these two internationally renowned performers. (Allan, sorry about the typo with your name on the programme) Opening this mouthwatering night we have the talented songwriter TOM CLELLAND. (see 31st, Jan) Book early for this one.
JANUARY SAT 27th 12 – 1.30pm.  £4. SONGWRITER'S MASTERCLASS. ALLAN TAYLOR and our own singer songwriter JIM KING play a selection of their songs and offer the opportunity to explore the inspirations, and creative processe they have applied. Come along and learn from two of the finest songwriters around today.
JANUARY SAT 27th 3pm. FREE   Our third OPEN STAGE. Everyone welcome, come along and take the opportunity to sing or play for us or just enjoy listening and the show. Anything goes, do your own songs or any song that takes your fancy, the stage is all yours. Subject to availability.  
JANUARY SAT 27th 7.30pm. £7/£6 conc   REAWAKENING. Presents our second look at the life and works of the great MATT McGINN. First performed in Glasgow about 10 years ago with three sell-out shows at the Tron Theatre, we are thrilled to have this addition to the Festival in this anniversary year.   This show consists of a narrative and anecdotes told by DUNCAN BROWN and illustrated by his fabulous, original drawings. A FOUR PIECE BAND will present 30 of matt`s songs   Be quick, tickets will sell fast for this show!
  JANUARY SUN 28th 2pm – 4pm FREE Our fourth OPEN STAGE. Everyone welcome, come along and take the opportunity to sing or play for us or just enjoy listening and the show. Anything goes, do your own songs or any song that takes your fancy, the stage is all yours. Subject to availability.  
JANUARY SUN 28th 7.30pm £7/£6 conc. REAWAKENING. Presents a reworking of EWAN McCOLL songs.This show charts the songwriting part of Ewan's very busy creative life.   Award winning singer EILIDH GRANT performs alongside rising young stars SEAN & ROBYN GREY. They will be joined on stage by a couple of slightly more mature artists. The story is narrated by JIM KING with slides to enhance the beautiful and hard hitting songs.
JANUARY MON 29th 7.30pm £6/£5 conc THE GLASGOW BOYS. These Glasgow Boys, IAN DAVISON, STEVEN CLARK and JIM KING are representative of the cream from the Glasgow's songwriting Community.   IAN  DAVISON. Ian's the most prolific writer of high-quality songs on the scene, and keeps 100 of his songs always available now on C.D. He does funny, smart, sad or angry - in all styles, traditional and modern. He's just been named Songwriter of the Year by the varied members of the Glasgow Songwriters Club, but his songs are already sung all over Scotland, especially by Folk enthusiasts. He's now a real veteran singer, but is performing more than ever before, in all kinds of venues throughout the country.   JIM  KING - Jim's has been warmly welcomed as an adopted Glaswegian, with a strong back catalogue of songs and recordings, and fine new songs always in production. He has a splendid voice and guitar styles. His presentation of different songs includes laid-back comedy, serious comment and heartfelt emotions. His song about Clyde-coast trips ‘ West-Coast Days' has already become an anthem in Glasgow; ‘Blood-Red Roses' is the definitive song about domestic abuse; and his parodies of well-known pop songs are hilarious.   STEVE  CLARK - Steve sings his own songs throughout the West of Scotland with great conviction and a powerful voice. The songs are excellent, whether light-hearted or serious, whether local or general. And they range widely, from his comical classic ‘ Irn Bru',  to his moving declaration  for national tolerance and hospitality ‘ All Jock Tamson's Bairns Are Coming Home ‘. Songs like these are being covered by a lot of other singers and songwriters, but there's something special in hearing Steve himself.
JANUARY TUES 30th 7.30pm. FREE SONGWRITING COMPETITION HEAT 4 - OPEN NIGHT. Open to all, this evening will feature songwriters not affiliated to any of the earlier group entries. Songs must be own work and can be from any genre (not restricted to folk). Remember, the winning entry prize is £200. The final eight will be chosen - two from each heat - and they will perform a short set culminating in their entry. Each finalist will receive £20. To enter the competition contact Jim McKenna 01698 815778.  
JANUARY WED 31st  7.30pm. £6/£5 conc. THE LANARKSHIRE BOYS Brought together for the first time in Glasgow this is an opportunity to see three of Scotland's finest songwriters and performers in action. It will be an evening that will show three very different approaches to songwriting and performing from three superb talents – none of whom should be missed. PETER NARDINI As an artist of international renown Peter's paintings can be found in galleries and collections all over the world. So when you consider his ability as a poet, songwriter and performer he can be honestly described as an artist of all the talents. His songs are perceptive and full of wit and are delivered in his own understated style that will leave you in no doubt of his ability as a wordsmith of genius. DAVE GIBB Dave combines a guitar picking style that can be bluesy, folky, jazzy or sometimes just plain headdownandbuggerthesubtlety (to coin a phrase) and a songwriting ability that produces songs ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. As a performer of the highest caliber he is first and foremost a story teller – stories written in a variety of musical styles. As well ‘historical' songs he also produces songs containing real humor, wit and a rather cynical view of his fellow man.   TOM CLELLAND A superb guitarist, lyricist and performer Tom is truly one of Scotland's best kept secrets. His ability to tell his stories in a laid-back style that draws you into each song is unique and has to be experienced to be believed. More Country than Folk and more talent than most Tom gains more converts with every performance and he is now established as one of Scotland's finest songwriters.
FEBRUARY THURS 1st 7.30pm. FREE THE GRAND FINAL OF THE SONGWRITING COMPETITION.   Winning entry prize - £200. We're running four heats. Two songs will be selected from each heat to go forward to a grand final. There, they will perform a short set culminating in their entry. All finalists will receive £20.To enter the OPEN HEAT Song-writer competition contact-   Jim McKenna 01698 815778.
FEBRUARY FRI 2nd 7.30pm. £7/£6 conc. BEN SANDS and CHRISTINE KIDD   From the famous SANDS family we are delighted and privileged to welcome BEN to our festival.   Ben Sands hails from the frontier town of Newry, County Down on the East coast of Ireland. Ben tried his hand at any instrument that came about the place and after early excursions on piano and fiddle he added further adventures on guitar, whistle, uillean pipes, tenor banjo, bazouki and mandolin. In due course he became a cornerstone of the illustrious Sands Family, performing and recording with that widely travelled and acclaimed band since the early 1970s.   While The Sands Family continue to tour and record in their own inimitable fashion, Ben has lately followed brothers Colum and Tommy Sands as a successful solo performer and recording artiste. To his acknowledged accomplishments as a song-writer, instrumentalist, harmony vocalist and arranger, Ben brings a solid reputation as a "great singer of great songs" from a diversity of sources. These days his own compositions are well featured in his concerts as well as in the performances and recordings of a growing number of notable artistes. Ben Sands songs, music and stories paint pictures of an ongoing legacy inherited in those early, influential years on a small farm in County Down and enriched by his colourful, musical, adventure-some journeys through life.   CHRISTINE KYDD - Long-standing interpreter and champion of the Scots song tradition, Christine Kydd has performed and recorded, over a number of years, with other singers and musicians to produce some of Scotland's finest and often award - winning harmony vocal sounds, including successful and groundbreaking projects with Janet Russell, and in super trio, Chantan .  In parallel to her career as singer of old songs, and since she was a teenager in Glasgow, Christine has been writing songs.   With influences including Nanci Griffith, Carole King, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, and more recently writers on the Scottish scene, the audience can expect a more contemporary feel, songs of personal experience in contrast to some of the more issue based songs in her traditional repertoire. Over the years, she's incorporated a few of these songs in solo concerts at folk clubs and festivals. This concert, however, will be the first public airing of some of the songs she's written in the past ten or so years. Her songs have been covered by numerous singers including Macalias (Gill Bowman and Karine Polwart), and recorded by Stairheid Gossip, and also Paddy Bell.   Opening tonight is an undiscovered gem Christine Bovill, a wonderful talent accompanied by brilliant guitarist Ernie Rea.
FEBRUARY SAT 3rd 12 -1.30pm £4
Our last SONGWRITER'S MASTERCLASS. BEN SANDS AND PETER NARDINI entertain and reveal their ideas of how they write songs.
FEBRUARY SAT 3rd 2pm – 3pm. FREE Auchinraith Primary School presents:- THE SCOTTISH WAR OF INDEPENDENCE. The youngsters tell the stories by enacting battle scenes and Wallace's Trial and Execution. (no blood – we hope)   There wil probably be time for an Open Stage session after this performance.
FEBRUARY SAT 3rd 7.30pm £7/£6 conc. STRAMASH present McGINN OF THE CALTON. STRAMASH is Glasgow's super group of six star singers and players in mostly traditional styles, they are  Finlay Allison: ( Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin) Bob Blair: ( Concertina: Vocal) Adam MacNaughton: (Vocal) Kevin Mitchell: (Vocal) and Anne Neilson: (Vocal).   Describing themselves as ‘not so much a folk group – rather, a group of folk' in the twenty or so years of their existence they have championed the cause of traditional song whilst also allowing the occasional performance of Adam McNaughton's own songs! Their performance at the Celtic Connections Festival earned the following review: ‘a big hearted outpouring of traditional music that shared memories with long standing followers, yet speaks engagingly to the uninitiated.' and ‘a bear-hug full of wit, wisdom and vintage music' Mary Brennan – The Herald. They have performed widely at Folk Clubs, Festivals and this tribute to McGinn of the Calton they previously performed on STV. We're guaranteed a powerful understanding and demonstration of McGinn and his songs. Unmissible
FEBRUARY SUN 4th 2pm – 4pm. FREE Final OPEN STAGE of the festival. Everyone welcome, come along and take the opportunity to sing or play for us or just enjoy hearing others. Anything goes, do your own songs or whatever takes your fancy, the stage is all yours. Subject to availability.
FEBRUARY SUN 4th 7.30pm. £10. There could be few things more appropriate to end a festival of songwriting than to honour one of our own great songsmiths IAIN MACKINTOSH. Tragically, we lost this master of song earlier this year but friends and admirers will make this a special night as we remember his special warmth as a performer and interpreter of song and his uncanny ability to make us laugh or cry. All are appearing without charge, at his family's request all proceeds from this night go to Parkinson Research. This is sure to be a fantastic night, get your ticket/s early and support a great cause
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